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Volume : 5 Issue :5 Month : May (2017)
Page Numbers : 153-160


Darandale Abhishek S Ghule Prashant J, Aher Abhijit A, Narwate B.M
Now days as the expense and complications involved in marketing new drug entities are increased, with concomitant recognition of the therapeutic advantages of controlled drug delivery, greater attention has been focused on development of sustained or controlled release drug delivery systems (DDS). Hence we will change the area of focusing it is suitable to designing sustained drug delivery is to reduce the frequency of dosing or to increase the effectiveness of the drug by localization at the site of action, reducing the dose required or providing uniform drug delivery. The design of oral sustained release DDS depends on various factors such as, physicochemical properties of drug, type of delivery system, disease being treated, and patient condition, and treatment duration, presence of food, gastrointestinal motility, and co-administration of other drugs.
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