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Volume : 3 Issue :8 Month : August (2015)
Page Numbers : 255-260

Pros and Cons of Pulsatile Drug Delivery System

Pradip Karale, Kshirsagar Diksha, Vishal Pande
Pulsatile drug delivery systems (PDDS) have diverted attention because of their variety of advantages over traditional drug delivery systems. It deliver the required drug at the right time, at the right site of action and in the desired amount, it provides more benefits than conventional dosages and increased patient compliance. These systems are fabricated as per the circadian rhythm of the body, and the drug is released rapidly and completely as a pulse after a lag time in the human body. These systems are suitable for the drug with chronopharmacological behavior, where night time dosing is required, and for drugs that show extensive first pass effect. This review covers methods and marketed technologies that have been developed to obtain pulsatile delivery. Diseases wherein PDDS are highly suitable include asthma, peptic ulcer, cardiovascular ailments, arthritis and attention deficit syndrome in children and hypercholesterolemia
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