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Akshay N. Jadhav, Mukesh P.Ratnaparkhi, Mayur watt
Controlled drug delivery systems have acquired a center stage in the area of pharmaceutical R&D. Such systems offer temporal and spatial control over the release of drug and grant a new lease on life to a drug molecule in terms of patentability. These systems are designed according to the circadian rhythm of the body, and the drug formulation release drug rapidly and completely as a pulse after a lag time. PDDS (Pulsatile drug delivery system) system employed for treating diseases which show their intense influence at early morning, so present study is about formulating core tablet of antihypertensive drug with suitable superdisitegrants and then after core tablet coated with various polymer in different concentration where ethyl cellulose is common mix with other polymers. To tackle the difficulties occurs at cardiac diseases in morning such as angina attack in morning, heart attacks etc. Pulsatile release formulation develop for show their effect while such conditions at intense and patient not in condition to take medication.
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